CCSS Parent Letter




October 9, 2013

Dear Parents:

Due to the newly adoption of the Common Core State Standards you will notice Changes in instructional and testing methods that will directly impact your child.  It is essential that you know about these standards and what resources are available to help you support your child.  The Common Core State Standards will provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn in both math and language arts.  One of the changes is an increased emphasis on informational text. We have purchased several resources and have provided consistent training for teachers.

The purpose of adopting the CCSS is not only to align with other states, but also to raise the bar in all grades. This will ensure that our students are receiving a relevant and rigorous education. In today's global economy our students need to possess academic standards that allow them to compete in college and/or the workforce. The adoption of the CCSS will be better prepare your child to meet these highly competitive demands of college and/or the work place in the 21st century. For additional information please go to In addition, the National PTA has organized resources to help parents support their child.  Information can be found at If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me.


Beverly Gardner- Grate Ed.S